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Integrated campaign


Copywriter - Roxanne Pelletier

Art Director - Hang Tan Tang 

Creative director - Martin Charron, Alexandre Emond-Turcotte

Director - Jérémie Saindon
Set design - Jeremy Noel

Music - Circonflex


Energy shift


We all know that businesses are the primary energy consumers. What's less known is that among the list of model energy consumers who are most energy-efficient, the top performers are all businesses rather than residential consumers. Therefore, we needed to develop a campaign demonstrating to Quebecers that businesses are already making strides in decarbonization, intending to encourage consumers to act as well.

Powered by Hydro-Québec, the energy transition train is moving at high speed. It's pulling hundreds of prominent local businesses, such as Desjardins (banking), Bell (telecommunications), and Metro (grocery), into this collective movement. The destination? Quebec's decarbonization. By showcasing a collective and inspiring mode of transportation, the 360 campaign illustrates that our local businesses are firmly committed to the path of progress.


Featured on : 
Le Grenier

Staying within the theme of movement, the city has been adorned with advertising in metro stations and bus shelters. Digital components, social media content and interview videos with businesses were also created. 


Hydro-Québec is one of the largest hydroelectricity producers in the world. By developing clean, renewable energy sources, Hydro-Québec makes a strong contribution to Québec's collective wealth and plays a central role in the emergence of a low-carbon economy.

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