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Shortlist, Idea


Copywriter - Roxanne Pelletier

Art director - Léa-Laure Bergeron

Creative director - Alexandre Jourdain 

Director - Vincent Raineri

Cinematographer - Simon-Pierre Gingras

Animation - Vincent Hurtu


Music - Michaël Anctil

Singer/Voice - Eli Rose

In Quebec, it is estimated that one out of five teens has a problematic connection with screens.

Created in the era of Zoom happy hours and the digitization of everyday life, this campaign reminds 18-24-year-olds to take screen breaks by inspiring them with accessible activities to try offline. The iconic bars of the PAUSE logo s
erved as a canvas for the representation of unexpected activities, ranging from sports and arts to relaxation and entertainment.

From the choice of activities to the choice of words, everything has been carefully thought to create this colourful universe where breaks are omnipresent. Finally, we picked a famous French singer to be the voice of this positive message filled with assonances of the word pause.

*As a reference, “pause” means “break” in French.

This web banner suggests alternative activities to do offline using the double letter "L" in the words of to create the PAUSE logo.  

We also created a bunch of illustrations with some of the artists that we worked with for the animation of the video (see above) and some content with influencers. 

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