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National Bank

Integrated campaign, Canada wide


Copywriter - Roxanne Pelletier

Art Director - Hang Tan Tang, Ambre Chekly

Creative director - Sylvain Thomin

Animation - Jean-Philippe Guy



It’s no secret that the French language can be complicated, especially when it comes to gendered nouns. In short, there is a female version of every word used to describe a profession or a person. An equivalent example in English would be "waiter" and "waitress." Financial professions are no exception, so if investors exist, "investresses" do too.

However, we have noticed that even though the French equivalent of the word "investress" exists in every French dictionary, Google, Apple, and Android devices autocorrect systems don't recognize it yet. Instead, they always suggest replacing it with its male equivalent: "investor." This issue goes beyond linguistic challenges and exposes a more significant problem of representation in society. Inequalities and stereotypes in finance are still prevalent. Moreover, it undermines women's financial confidence by perpetuating the notion that a woman who invests is a mistake.

With this campaign, National Bank wanted to encourage women to build their confidence to achieve financial independence.


PHASE 1: We aimed to expose the persistent inequalities by sharing shocking statistics and denouncing the tech bug perpetuating this conversation in the public sphere.

PHASE 2: We offered various initiatives to encourage financial independence, such as creating a conference for women who invest.


The case study

Readers of La Presse online were also invited to close the problematic autocorrection notes in this interactive advertising.
We also created items for employees who wanted to show their support for the campaign, such as pins and heat-changing mugs that remove the red autocorrect line when filled with a hot liquid.
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